Grease Be Gone: The Ultimate Non-Stick Pan Cleaner Review

If you’re like us ​and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you⁢ know⁤ how ⁢challenging ⁢it ⁢can ​be to keep those surfaces spotless. That’s⁤ why we​ were excited to try out the ⁤Goo ‌Gone Kitchen Degreaser – a powerful cleaner that ⁣promises to⁢ remove kitchen grease, grime, and baked-on food with ease. With its ⁢foaming formula⁣ and fast-working ‌properties, we couldn’t wait to see if this ​product lived up to its ‌claims. Join us ⁣as⁣ we share our first-hand experience with the Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser and find‌ out ‍if it’s the solution to all your kitchen cleaning woes.

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When⁤ it comes to tackling tough ‌kitchen messes, this degreaser is our go-to solution. With its fast-working formula, it effortlessly‍ cleans counters, stoves, range hoods, pots, pans, and more without ⁣causing any harm. ‌The⁣ foaming action makes ‍it a one-step cleaner, saving ⁣us time and‍ energy⁣ during our cleaning routine.

We love how this kitchen ⁣degreaser easily breaks down the toughest gunk and grime, leaving our kitchen spotless. Whether it’s stubborn grease, grime, or baked-on food, this powerful cleaner gets the job done effectively. Plus, it’s reassuring to know that it rinses⁣ off surfaces that‍ come in direct contact⁣ with food, ensuring a safe and sanitary kitchen ⁤environment.

Effective Kitchen Degreaser
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Are​ you tired of⁣ struggling with tough kitchen grease and grime? Look ⁤no further than this amazing kitchen degreaser! We were impressed by how ⁣quickly and effectively it⁣ removed baked-on food and grease from our stovetop, countertops, range hood, and more. The ⁢foaming ⁣formula is easy to use and doesn’t harm surfaces, making it a one-step cleaner ​that simplifies‌ the⁢ cleaning process.

We appreciate that this degreaser is ⁤made ‌in the USA and ⁤comes in a convenient 28 fl.⁣ oz. size for tackling all of our kitchen cleaning needs.⁣ The instructions are ‍clear and easy to follow, ensuring we get the best ‍results every time. Whether you’re cleaning up after a big meal​ or⁤ just doing regular maintenance, this kitchen degreaser‌ is a must-have for keeping your kitchen spotless. Try it out for yourself and ⁣see the difference it makes! Get your Goo Gone⁤ Kitchen Degreaser today!Convenient Spray Bottle ⁣Design
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The of this ‍kitchen degreaser makes it easy to tackle tough grease⁢ and grime in the kitchen. With a simple spray-on application, it allows‍ for quick‍ and efficient cleaning on various surfaces like counters, stoves,​ range hoods, pots,‌ and ‌pans. The ⁣foaming⁢ formula of this degreaser ⁢is perfect​ for breaking down baked-on food and‌ heavy soil, making cleaning a breeze.

With a fast-working formula that won’t ⁢harm your counters, this one-step cleaner is a must-have for keeping ‍your ​kitchen ‌spotless. The spray bottle design allows for easy application, while the ⁣powerful degreaser effectively works‍ on kitchen grease, grime,‍ and baked-on food. For those looking⁤ for a convenient and effective cleaning solution for ‌their kitchen, ⁣this‍ degreaser is a game-changer. Give it a ‌try and⁣ experience ​the difference it can make in your cleaning routine. Check​ it out on ⁢Amazon!Easy ⁢to Use and Fast-Acting Formula
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The Goo Gone Kitchen ⁢Degreaser is an absolute game-changer when‌ it comes to cleaning up‌ kitchen messes.‌ This fast-acting formula is ⁤incredibly easy to use, making our cleaning routine a breeze. Just spray it on the surface,⁢ allow the foam to penetrate for a minute or two, ‌then wipe it off with a paper towel, sponge, or soft brush. It’s that simple!

We love how versatile ‌this degreaser is – it works wonders on kitchen⁢ grease, ⁤grime,⁢ and even stubborn baked-on food. Plus, it’s safe to use on most surfaces, excluding⁤ aluminum, painted, or varnished surfaces. With this one-step cleaner, ‍we can effortlessly tackle spills and splatters⁢ on our counters, stoves, range⁤ hoods, pots,⁤ and pans. ‍Say goodbye ‍to‌ tough gunk ⁣and grime, and hello to a spotless kitchen! Ready⁣ to simplify⁤ your cleaning routine? Try⁢ the Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser now!Recommendation‍ for Stubborn​ Grease and Grime
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If ⁤you’re looking for a powerful solution to tackle stubborn grease ⁢and grime in your ⁢kitchen, look no further ⁣than this amazing product. The Goo⁣ Gone Kitchen Degreaser ‍is a ⁤true game-changer ‍when it comes to getting rid of tough grease, grime, and baked-on food ⁢residue. We were impressed ⁢by how fast-acting this formula⁣ is – no more​ scrubbing for hours on ⁣end!

The foaming formula⁢ is gentle⁢ on surfaces but tough on grease, making⁤ it‌ perfect for use on a variety of kitchen areas including counters, ​stoves, ⁣range hoods, pots, pans, and more. We love ⁣how ‌easy ⁤it is ‌to​ use – simply spray on ⁤the surface, let ⁢the foam penetrate for a minute or two, ‌and⁢ then wipe ‌away with ⁣a paper towel ​or soft brush. Say ​goodbye to stubborn‍ grime and hello to a sparkling clean⁣ kitchen with⁢ this incredible degreaser!

Manufacturer Weiman
Product Dimensions 3.13⁤ x 4.56 x 10.13 inches; 1.75 Pounds
Item model number 2043A
Date First‌ Available July 10, 2014

Get your hands on this amazing kitchen degreaser now!

Customer Reviews ⁣Analysis
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Customer Reviews Analysis

We ⁤decided to take a look at what customers had to say about the Goo ‌Gone Kitchen Degreaser, and here’s what​ we found:

Customer‌ Review Overall⁤ Rating Comments
Review #1 5 stars This customer loved the⁢ product and​ found it effective in cleaning ⁢grease off the oven, ⁣although​ they ‌mentioned the⁣ price and application method‍ as drawbacks.
Review #2 4 stars Despite receiving a leaky bottle, this ⁤customer⁢ was impressed with the degreaser’s effectiveness, mentioning it even removed ⁤an oil stain from ‍their driveway.
Review #3 4 stars The customer was satisfied with⁤ the product, particularly ⁣in removing grease‍ from their stove, although it didn’t work well on plastic.
Review ⁣#4 5 stars This customer was pleasantly surprised by the ​product’s effectiveness and pleasant smell in cleaning their stainless range hood.
Review #5 3 stars While acknowledging the ​degreaser’s‍ effectiveness, this customer felt it ⁤didn’t live⁣ up to the commercial’s‍ claims.
Review #6 5 stars Another satisfied customer who found the product satisfactory and would purchase it again.
Review #7 1 star This customer ⁣did not have⁢ success using ‌the product⁣ on their oven doors.
Review #8 5‌ stars Impressed‍ with the⁣ foamy spray, this customer successfully removed sticky⁢ greasy residue​ from their granite ⁤tiled kitchen counter.
Review‍ #9 4 stars Este cliente encontró el producto efectivo para‍ remover la suciedad, aunque mencionó el⁤ precio alto.
Review #10 5‍ stars This customer found the⁣ product to be⁢ brilliant in cleaning‌ their‌ kitchen with no hard scrubbing required.
Review #11 1 star Disappointed ‍customer who found⁤ the product⁤ did not remove debris from a soiled ‌pan as expected.

Overall, it appears that‌ the ‍Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser has received positive feedback for its effectiveness ⁣in removing grease and grime from various​ surfaces, although some customers noted drawbacks such as price and application ‌method. It ‌seems to be⁢ a versatile product that can tackle tough ‍messes in the kitchen with relative‌ ease.

Pros & Cons
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Pros & Cons


  • Fast-working formula that won’t harm your ‌counters
  • Foaming formula great for⁢ use on various surfaces
  • Breaks down tough gunk and‌ grime, leaving your kitchen spotless


  • Cannot be⁣ used on aluminum, painted or⁢ varnished surfaces
  • Not recommended⁣ for use on hot surfaces
  • May require additional scrubbing‌ for heavily soiled surfaces

Feature Pros Cons
Fast-working formula
Foaming formula
Breaks down tough gunk and⁣ grime
Cannot be used on certain surfaces
Not recommended for use on hot surfaces
May‌ require additional scrubbing for heavily soiled surfaces

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Q: Does the Goo Gone⁣ Kitchen Degreaser leave a residue ⁤on surfaces after use?

A: No, the Goo Gone ⁤Kitchen Degreaser ⁤is a one-step cleaner that does⁢ not ‌leave any residue on surfaces. Just spray, wipe, and enjoy your clean and grease-free kitchen!

Q: Can I use this product on my non-stick pans?

A: Yes, you can use the Goo ⁢Gone ⁣Kitchen Degreaser on non-stick pans. However, we recommend testing ​a⁤ small area first to ‌ensure compatibility⁢ with ​your specific cookware.

Q: Is this‌ product safe to ⁤use around food?

A: Yes, the Goo ‌Gone Kitchen Degreaser ​is safe to use on surfaces that come ‍in direct contact with food. Just be sure to rinse⁣ the surface after cleaning as a precaution.

Q: Can I use this product on aluminum surfaces?

A: It is not recommended to use the ‍Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser on aluminum, painted, or varnished⁤ surfaces. Stick to using it on stainless steel,⁣ glass, ceramic, or other compatible surfaces for best results.

Q: How long should I let the foam penetrate on heavily soiled ⁣surfaces?

A: For baked-on food⁤ and heavily soiled⁤ surfaces, we recommend allowing the foam to penetrate for 1-2 minutes before wiping clean. ​This extra⁤ time will help ⁤the degreaser ⁣work its magic more⁢ effectively. Discover the Power
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In ​conclusion, we found the Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser‌ to be a powerful solution for tackling tough kitchen grease, grime, ⁤and⁢ baked-on food. Its fast-working formula and one-step ‌cleaning process​ make it a convenient ​and effective tool for ‌keeping your kitchen surfaces spotless.

Remember to always follow the label directions and take necessary precautions, such as‍ wearing rubber gloves for sensitive skin. And as a friendly reminder, ‌do​ not use this degreaser on hot surfaces or on aluminum, ⁤painted, or varnished surfaces.

If ⁤you’re ready to say ​goodbye ⁤to stubborn grease and grime in ⁣your kitchen, click here to grab your own​ bottle of Goo ‌Gone Kitchen Degreaser now. Happy cleaning!

Click here to get your Goo Gone Kitchen Degreaser now!

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